The Republican Parties fake news outlet Fox seizes opportunity to destroy Dems for good.

The recent shooting of house members at a baseball park in Alexandria has shined new light on our political climate in this country. Both sides have arguably been publicly condemning the shooting. House members of both political parties have temporarily joined together in unity. But that’s just in the house. The first thing the main stream media did was go the high road and take political bias away from the story. But not everyone has takin this issue as a political discourse of the country. Other parts of the Republican party have seen a golden opportunity to pin the cause of the shooting to the rhetoric of the left. As those in the house call for a new relationship with those with opposing views while other parts of the Republican Party have criticized the shooter as a product of the left. Pundits like Tucker Carlson and ex congressman Newt Gingrich have attacked Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democratic Party. Through their hippocrytical statements and fake news propaganda they labeled this incident as the left promoting hate speech and fear causing citizens to strike back with violence. Others Like those from Fox and friends falsely claim that the far left are the cause of this all terrible incidents of late. It’s not what they say that lights a bulb in my head. It’s the meaning behind their words and their tactics. It’s pretty plain and simple that the right have seen an amazing opportunity to destroy Bernie and the establishment Dems. The echo chamber on Fox News has not decided to change the political discourse. And rightfully so. They have financially been profiting off of the discourse. If you really look at it, Fox News is the prime factor that the hard right has been so successful over the years. So now that congress has gotten a taste of gun violence that plagues so many Americans they have temporarily begun to see a new light. With most hate speech coming from the right it’s amazing that there has been no incidents like the one in Alexandria. Oh wait, what about the Oklahoma bombing. Wasn’t that a hard right finactical who hates the government. I gues Rush and Newt conveniently forgot about that one. Or a that assassination plot that was foiled right after Obama was anogerated. It’s pretty simple to me. The Sanders movement and the Dems are gaining traction in this next election. Trump and his administration are giving American citizens more motivation on heading to the polls next election. And this scares the right. The chances of the Dems winning the house are rare but the senate will definatley be up for grabs next election. Republicans definatley see an opportunity to take out the Sanders electorate for good along with the establishment Dems. So when you see the right pound the same talking point over and over again. Just remember, it’s all politics and they don’t care about the real issue. The culture of gun voilence in America.


Author: Kay Kriss

Well what can I say? I am an average Joe with an average childhood from the 80's. My generation went outside and played with friends, we grew up without social media, and we had dinner every night with our families. Through my life as an average joe I have seen the darkness of man and the kindness of man. My experiences in life have bought me to extreme low points and blessings that I thought would never come true. I do not claim to be a scholar just an ordinary citizen in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world. I have watched and analyzed the world with my eyes. I have decided to start up my blog because I really felt that it was time to give my own perspective on what I have experienced and what I see in our world today. I do not claim to have all the answers and I do not claim that my perspective is the correct one. All I can reiterate to my readers are my views and hypothesis on what I feel is true. I am not a professor of some major institution, not an attorney, and certainly not a politician. Some of what I say I will certianly claim to be fact but most of what I will say will just be my simple opinion and predictions. A majority of what I write is political but I will also comment on all issues especially my world view. Others may consider me center left and others may even consider me to be a progressive. I consider my self to be a realist and hold many views that can coincide with everyones political beliefs. My goal is not to offend but simply express my perception of the truth.