Obama vs Trump Scale.

unknownFor eight years all we heard from the Republican Party and their voters was disdain for President Obama. He was labeled as a tyrant that hated his own country and the American people with in it. Sean Hannity from the right wing proganda news outlet Fox, would refer to Obama as the anointed one. A man who felt that he would be the savior of the American people and the left. The signs of anti Obama protesters where vile and filled with large amounts of racial overtones.

I mean they actually compared this guy to Hitler! As a political tactic Republicans in congress and State houses made a pact with fellow members to deny any of Obama’s legislation from passing. They even tried to delegitimize his American citizenship claiming that he was a secret radicalized Muslim from Indonesia. Not even his original birth certificate was good enough to convince Republicans and their like minded ilk that the President was legitimate. He was insulted many times by Republican Governers like Jan Brewer of  Arizona and even insulted at one of his State of the Union addresses, “You Lie!”.

Now just imagine if Mayor Deblasio put his finger in Trump’s face or Senator Schummer screamed “you lie!”at Trump. All the crazy right wingers would be yelling treason from the roof tops. And through all the hate from all the crazy Fox news lovers, not once has Obama denied them access to his press briefings or insulted them by branding them enemies of their country. I’m not claiming that Obama never made any bad decisions, (TPP). But he always treated the highest office with dignity and respect and also respected voters who he disagreed with.img_0960 So we have a President now who is thinned-skinned; has decided to side with his party on cutting regulations that keep our air and water clean; he has fallen silent on the Republicans agenda to defund Planned Parenthood because of false stories of abortions and baby parts for distribution; he is a conspiracy theorist who denies intelligence briefings from our governments intelligence community; he also has decided to deregulate Wall Street as well as environmental  protections that where recently enacted by the Obama administration. Well I can just keep going on for days with this unqualified man baby. So I have decided to compose a list of ten major acts or attempts that each President has done so far. People can weigh each of these presidents on a scale with there agendas for themselves. But seriously I know that I will never convince hysterical Trump lovers of their delusional alternative facts, but here’s the list anyway. 


1. Attempts and succeeds in passing a healthcare bill that covers most Americans.

2. Beefs up the deportation of illegal immigrants with criminal records. 

3. Orchestrates a Navy seal operation along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others to successfully catch and kill Osama Bin Laden.

4. Purposes and helps pass an economic stimulus plan to save the financial sector from another economic collapse. 

5. Brokers a deal with Iran to hold their nuclear program for reduced sanctions.

6. Helps pass the Dod Frank bill that rolls back greedy Wall Street from speculative and derivative trading as well as passing the consumer protection act.

7. Signs a bill with China to cut back on green house emissions and pollution.

8. Honored a treaty with Native American tribes by delaying the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Native American land.  

9. Extended the Bush tax cuts to make Republicans and Wall Street happy.

10. Proposed and tried to pass through Congress the terrible trade agreement the Trans Pacific Partnership.



1. Signs an executive order to stop all immigration to the United States from a particular set of Muslim countries that have had no incidents of causing terror attacks within the United States.

2. Signs an executive order to resume the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline violating an old treaty with the Native American communities physically forcing them off there land.

3. Signs an executive order to stop the disastrous bill known as the Trans Pacific Partnership.

4. Commits to a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act with the support of a majority of Republicans in congress.

5. Nominates Scott Pruitt, a long time proponent of the EPA and its environmental regulations to run the agency. Scott Pruitt will be the first head of the EPA that currently is suing the agency.

6. Picked Republican lobbyist Nancy Devos, a proponent of ending public education and a supporter of charter schools to head the Department of Education.

7. Picked Exxon Mobile executive Rex Tillerson, ex CEO of Exxon Mobile and a great business pal of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for Secretary of State.

8. Hired political white supremacist sympathizer Steve Bannon as an adviser and later appointing him to the top of the National Security Council. 

9. Proposing the construction of a tax payer funded multi-billion dollar wall across the U.S. Mexican border. Claims that he will eventually force Mexico to pay the American tax payer back for the cost of the wall.

10. Has decided to ban main stream media reporters that he disagrees with from press conferences and political events emphazing that they are the enemy of the American people.


35 things I don’t want to hear from Trump voters after the President’s second term.


1. My voucher has run out and I can’t afford my healthcare coverage.
2. They dropped me off my insurance because they said I have a pre-existing condition.
3. My premiums are too high because they said my illness is too expensive to cover.
4. I got cancer and my voucher has run out of money. Guess I’m a dead woman.
5. My premium has still gone up even though I bought insurance out of state.
6. My taxes are still going up even though Trump and the Republicans said they would be lowered.
7. I’m moving because they built a pipeline by our house and the oil just leaked into the reservoir after the pipe cracked.
8. We can’t drink or take a shower because the coal company by our house dumped waste into the river.
9. The bank is taking my house away because they decided to raise my interest rate making me unable to afford my home.
10. I lost all of my 401k retirement savings because the market crashed once again.
11. My employer decided not to provide me with health insurance anymore.
12. My employer has just decided to lower our pay to 2 dollars an hour so we can compete with China.
13. Can you believe that global warming was true! Now we can’t even go outside anymore. Dangerous UV today.
14. I thought my police union was safe but now our whole department is privatized and we’re making 25k a year. Maybe we should have backed up the other unions instead of supporting Republicans when they passed right to work laws.
15. Our privatized fire department didn’t save my house from burning down because I didn’t pay the fireman bill this month.
16. They made me pull my son out of school because the money from his voucher ran out.
17. I can’t afford to take care of my unborn child so I will have to abort it the old fashioned way. Maybe I’ll use a coat hanger, or just thrust my self down a flight of stairs.
18. I can’t believe more women are dying of cancer in low income neighborhoods since Planned Parenthood was defunded.
19. My credit card interest rates just went up to 70%.
20. We can’t declare bankruptcy anymore since it has been abolished. I guess I’m destined for life long debt.
21. I can’t believe we have to pay for this damn wall!
22. My company has decided to make us work 15 hour shifts seven days a week.
23. The only news on TV is Fox. And the only talk radio I can hear is right wing hate radio.
24. Sheesh! I can’t find any info I need on the internet anymore because its banned.
25. I can’t believe the internet has been privatized and now I can’t afford to have it.
26. Wow I can’t believe we put all the Muslims and dissenters in interment camps.
27. They said my vote does not count because someone has the same name as me from another state
28. Guess what! Trump with the help of the Republican congress just abolished the main stream media.
29. Would you believe! Congress and the Trump administration just passed a law making it illegal to protest government.
30. I can’t believe Trump is running for a 3rd term.
31. Great! Trump just got us into another World War.
32. Wow I can’t believe Trump is using the military to patrol our streets after the last terrorist attack.
33. Guess what! Trump has just dissolved the Senate.
34. Did you hear! President Trump has just decided to rename himself Supreme Leader.
35. I always thought the Great Wall was meant to keep the bad people out but I never would have guessed it was meant to keep us in.

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Bernie concedes to Hillary.


             Well as I expected Bernie Sanders has finally endorsed  Hillary Clinton for the democratic nominee. Let’s be clear, Bernie Sanders has stated over and over again that he will support Hillary if she was to become the nominee. But as predicted right wingers are mocking Sanders supporters for senator Sanders selling out to the establishment. Simply Bernie Sanders knows that to much is a stake to let any current republican nominee inherit the Whitehouse. Most of us who don’t have our heads in the sand can simply see that the Supreme Court’s future will be determined by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The Republican Party have enjoyed the spoils of corruption with a right leaning

Which party will own them this November?

Supreme Court for over thirty years. If you think things are bad now wait until you have a new right wing Supreme Court which will pretty much strip what ever rights we have left. Now let’s analyze Hillary and her career and views on political matters. She was for the war in Iraq. Then she was against it when she found out there were no WMD’s. She was for the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty. Yes a treaty not a trade deal. Now that Bernie Sanders has made his points known on the TPP, she has backtracked on that as well. And finally but not least she has stated that she will fight for a public option on Obama’s watered down so called Affordable care act.

Communist Socialist slime!

Bernie Sanders probably knows that Hillary does not share his view points. But all the same she will always be better then the alternative (Trump). Now let’s be real for a minute. By some miracle if a political revolution were to occur and Bernie was some how to win the general election. Not a single piece of legislation would ever be passed. So by if some miracle Bernie’s political revolution were to happen and his legislation were able to pass congress, he would undoubtably suffer the same fate as president Lincoln or Kennedy. In my opinion the special interests behind the thrown would never let Sanders agenda ever happen. So basically in a nutshell Bernie Sanders only supports Hillary Clinton for the simple fact that republicans must not retain control of the Supreme Court. As for me I am not a die hard supporter of Hillary Clinton. And for those who think she will introduce legislation that she has promise to pass, I find it laughable. And thats the majorityy5o0k of the American voter. We always believe that our candidates will do what they say and when they win office we get nothing. For instance my prediction will be that she will support the TPP. The public option will never see the light of day. The so called war on terror will get bigger, and Guantanamo Bay will stay open for business. She will be an exact mirror image of the Obama presidency that does nothing but compromise and pass watered down legislation while doing nothing to repair the true issues that we truly face. Get ready for no change in 2017.

Who I am

UnknownWell what can I say? I am an average Joe with an average childhood from the 80’s. My generation went outside and played with friends, we grew up without social media, and we had dinner every night with our families. Through my life as an average joe I have seen the darkness of man and the kindness of man. My experiences in life have bought me to extreme low points and blessings that I thought would never come true. I do not claim to be a scholar just an ordinary citizen in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world. I have watched and analyzed the world with my eyes. I have decided to start up my blog because I really felt that it was time to give my own perspective on what I have experienced and what I see in our world today. I do not claim to have all the answers and I do not claim that my perspective is the correct one. All I can reiterate to my readers are my views and hypothesis on what I feel is true. I am not a professor of some major institution, not an attorney, and certainly not a politician. Some of what I say I will certianly claim to be fact but most of what I will say will just be my simple opinion and predictions. A majority of what I write is political but I will also comment on all issues especially my world view. Others may consider me center left and others may even consider me to be a progressive. I consider my self to be a realist and hold many views that can coincide with everyones political beliefs. My goal is not to offend but simply express my perception of the truth.